Obesity guidelines call for individualized dietary, lifestyle interventions

The guidelines focus on therapy related to lifestyle and diet, as well as surgical recommendations, and were the product of analysis of randomized controlled trials. The overall message of the recommendations, according to Apovian, is the importance of a physician understanding what lifestyle and dietary interventions a patient is capable of undertaking, and to select a therapy appropriate for that individual.
Data indicates that the macronutrient content of a diet does not have an impact on weight loss or cardiovascular risk factors, but that a reduction in calories should lead to weight loss and risk factor improvements. Given these results, Apovian says, whatever diet a patient can adhere to is the diet they should be on.
She concludes that additional, well-done obesity research should continue to be funded and published, in order to determine the ideal dietary patterns for healthy weight maintenance, as well as which patients would benefit most from surgical intervention.

Autor / Fonte:Caroline M. Apovian, MD, Healio
Link: http://video.healio.com/video/Caroline-Apovian-MD