The Effects of Kinesiology Tape on Shoulder Pain and Throwing Kinematics

Despite the increased use of kinesiology tape, empirical evidence is inconsistent regarding its therapeutic benefits on pain and kinematics during exercises. The purpose of this study was to determine the immediate and 48-hour effects of RockTape (RockTape USA, Campbell, CA) on pain and kinematics for individuals with shoulder pain. Twenty participants with existing shoulder pain performed a repetitive throwing activity for a total of six separate sessions (baseline, day 1, and day 2 for each taping condition). Treatment and sham taping conditions were applied in randomized order. Participants rated shoulder pain before and after throwing. Means of maximum shoulder abduction and external rotation during the first five and last five throws were recorded. Results showed no significant changes between the treatment and sham taping on pain and shoulder kinematics. The RockTape did not yield any changes in pain or kinematics between baseline (no tape) and either taping method. [Athletic Training and Sports Health Care. 2017;9(1):24–32.] 

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