Perception of Athletic Trainers Regarding the Clinical Burden of, and Reporting Practices for, Overuse Injuries

Injury surveillance data suggest that fewer than 30% of collegiate sports injuries involve overuse mechanisms. However, it is suspected that overuse injuries may be underrepresented in injury surveillance data. A population-based, cross-sectional survey of athletic trainers contributing to the National Collegiate Athletic Associations' Injury Surveillance Program (NCAA-ISP) was conducted. Primary outcome measures included: athletic trainers' perceptions of the percentage of total treated injuries that are overuse and the percentage of overuse injuries reported to surveillance. On average, collegiate athletic trainers (n = 74) reported that 48.8% of total treated injuries involved overuse mechanisms and 62.4% of overuse injuries were reported to surveillance. College athletic trainers report that overuse injuries present a major clinical burden not fully represented by injury surveillance data. Overuse injuries may affect the health-related quality of life of student athletes, potentially resulting in long-term sequelae in student athletes and increased burden on athletic trainer services. [Athletic Training & Sports Health Care. 2016;8(3):122–126.] 

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