Emergency Airway Adjuncts and the Athletic Trainer

There is a growing belief that prompt and appropriate emergency care should be available to all athletes regardless of the type or manner of sport. For this reason, knowledge and proficiency in the immediate management of life-threatening illness or injury is increasingly recognized as a necessary and important part of the modern athletic trainer´s skill set. Airway management is perhaps one of the most critical acute care interventions that an athletic trainer will perform, but many athletic trainers report having substantial knowledge gaps when it comes to airway management and lack of confidence in deploying basic airway adjuncts. This suggests a need for more aggressive training modules and opportunities for airway management education of athletic trainers as part of a coordinated emergency response with local authorities. [Athletic Training & Sports Health Care. 2016;8(6):267–272.] 

Autor / Fonte:David K. Tan, MD, EMT-T, FAAEM; Edward J. Sedory, MEd, ATC, EMT-T. Athletic Training & Sports Health Care. 2016;8(6):267–272
Link: http://www.healio.com/orthopedics/journals/atshc/2016-11-8-6/%7B99b12b7d-ff5e-4f48-acaa-46024b22e453%7D/emergency-airway-adjuncts-and-the-athletic-trainer