Dyspnea in Patients: Is It Really Asthma?

It is important for the sports health care team to be able to differentiate between asthma and exercise-induced laryngeal obstruction in athletes reporting dyspnea during exercise. Many patients are empirically diagnosed as having asthma and unsuccessfully treated with asthma medications, resulting in frustration and suboptimal performance. History and flexible fiber laryngoscopy during intense exercise are the most important means of obtaining an accurate diagnosis. On diagnosis of exercise-induced laryngeal obstruction, the patient should be referred to a speech-language pathologist for treatment. When accurately diagnosed and treated, chances of a successful outcome are high. [Athletic Training & Sports Health Care. 2016;8(6):262–265.] 

Autor / Fonte:ichael Matheny, MS, ATC; Andrew Getzin, MD; Mary Pitti, MS, CCC-SLP. Athletic Training & Sports Health Care. 2016;8(6):262–265
Link: http://www.healio.com/orthopedics/journals/atshc/2016-11-8-6/%7B716fb0d4-608b-4795-a40b-7c803859ea83%7D/dyspnea-in-patients-is-it-really-asthma