Duke CPR app is an essential download for everyone without formal CPR training

The Duke CPR app is the product of a partnership between the Duke Heart Center and the Women’s Health Initiative to help educate people about compression-only CPR.

The app is appropriately basic in design. It opens with three options: Crisis Mode, CPR Training Mode, and Learn More.


In CPR Training Mode, users are walked through a series of videos that go over why CPR is important and step-by-step guidance on how to perform CPR. Despite the fact that the videos feature Duke athletes, they are well done and include a good combination of animations and live demonstrations. Videos go full screen when the phone is in landscape.

Duke CPR App VideoDuke CPR App Animation
In Crisis Mode, the app gets straight to the point with step-by-step instructions including diagrams and brief, direct spoken instructions. In a nice touch, after checking that the victim is unresponsive, there is a quick dial button to call 911.
IMG_2575Duke CPR App Check Victim
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Autor / Fonte: Satish Misra, MD | October 8, 2015
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