A Movement for Movement: what´s art got to do with it? A lot.


23 Oct, 16 | by BJSM

By Ann Gates @exerciseworks

The newly published “Movement for Movement” editorial (Gates et al) heralds a new era of framing and dealing with the deeply entrenched life style issues that contribute to the rise in the global burden of diseases (1). It uses physical activity as a case study and identifies areas where the physical activity community must work to build capacity and cultural practices in order to implement sustainable results (2). Overall, the editorial addresses: (i) moving forward as a community of practice, (ii) initiating action by the many, and (iii) synergising the way we work together to achieve the World Health Organization goals for physical activity.



The editorial, together with Figure 1 and the web appendix, highlight positive examples from working as a “community of practice.” They also relate principles from the Impressionist Art Movement.

The Impressionist’s way of working and achievements demonstrate disruptive innovation, and different ways of working in a community of practice to propel bottom-up change. The result, was a legacy of respect for their art and culture

Attributes of the Impressionist movement fit perfectly with the wider community approach necessary to deliver physical activity guidelines and strategies. There are 3 basic elements to a community of practice: the domain, the community,  and the practice (3). These basics deliver the desired operational outcomes. Figure 1 demonstrates concrete examples of how this could, should or would work (3). 


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