Who Uses Alcohol Mixed With Energy Drinks? Characteristics of College Student Users


Objective: To examine characteristics of alcohol mixed with energy drink (AmED) use in a sample of college students. Participants: College students (N =614, 53% female) in their second year of college participated during the fall of 2008. Method: Students completed a cross-sectional survey with questions regarding AmED use. Results: AmED use in the last 30 days was reported by 27% of participants. Logistic regression analyses found that risk factors for AmED included participating in a fraternity/sorority; participating in athletics; living off-campus; having greater fun/social, relax, image motives for alcohol consumption; and binge drinking. Protective factors included early morning classes, Honors Program participation, and greater physical/behavioral motives for not drinking. Conclusions: Risk factors for AmED use can identify college students most likely to consume AmEDs and thereby inform screening and intervention efforts to reduce negative AmED-related consequences.


Autor / Fonte:Megan E Patrick, Carlos Macuada, Jennifer L Maggs Journal of American College Health: J of ACH 2015 May 26
Link: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/07448481.2015.1042877