The examining of acute changes of elite Free Style wrestlers during one-day tournament

AIM: The purpose of this study was to examine free radical production, muscle damage and inflammation responses of well-trained wrestlers to a simulated one-day tournament of Free-Style wrestling. 
METHODS: Twelve elite competitive wrestlers had (mean (SD) age: 24.09 (6.20) years, body mass: 74.09 (11.50) kg, and body height: 174.90 (8.8) cm, and also they competed for national teams, completed five matches according to the official Olympic wrestling tournament regulations. Blood sampling was collected before and after fifth match. Baseline blood testing was measured 10.00 a.m. and then matches started 12.00 a.m. Each match was implemented within one hour. Also, the resting time was 45 min following each match. The measurements were analyzed by “Wilcoxon Signed Ranks”, which is used to test for significant differences between pre- and post test. 
RESULTS: The post-match LDH, CK, and IL-6 levels were significantly increased compared with the baseline status. However, baseline MDA levels were not found significantly different compared with post-match. 
CONCLUSION: The current study ensured that one-day Free-Style wrestling tournament brings about significantly increasing on CK, LDH of muscle damage markers. Also, inflammatory status showed a progressive worsening during the course of one-day tournament. The study showed enhanced muscle damage markers and inflammatory status after one-day Free-Style wrestling tournament. Therefore, it appears that one-day Free-Style wrestling tournament imposes significant physiological demands on wrestlers that may adversely affect their performance and inflammatory status, thereby putting the athletes in a greater risk for injury.

language: English

Autor / Fonte:M E Kafkas, C Taskiran, A Sahin Kafkas, G Özen, C Taskapan, F Özyalin, A Skarpanska-Stejnborn Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness 2015 November 11