Tenosynovial Osteochondromatosis of the Flexor Hallucis Longus in a Division I Tennis Player.


Tenosynovial (extra-articular) chondromatosis (TC) is a condition characterized by the cartilaginous proliferation of synovial cells derived from the synovial lining of bursa and tendon sheaths. These lesions are often multinodular and most commonly present with complaints of swelling or pain. Treatment of TC primarily entails surgical excision. There are no known reports of TC in collegiate athletes. We present a case of TC in a Division I tennis player.


Autor / Fonte:Timothy W Thomsen, Christopher P Hogrefe, Mederic M Hall, Annunziato Amendola Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine: Official Journal of the Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine 2014 December 15
Link: http://journals.lww.com/cjsportsmed/Abstract/publishahead/Tenosynovial_Osteochondromatosis_of_the_Flexor.99674.aspx