Smartphone ECG aids real time diagnosis of palpitations in the competitive college athlete


  • Rapidly detecting dangerous arrhythmias in a symptomatic athlete is elusive.
  • Smartphone heart rate monitors can reliably detect common arrhythmias.
  • We used AliveCor to rule out dangerous arrhythmia in six athletes.
  • AliveCor use on the field enhances real-time evaluation of symptomatic athletes.
  • There are numerous scenarios where smartphone ECG recordings could be applied.



Rapidly detecting dangerous arrhythmias in a symptomatic athlete continues to be an elusive goal. The use of handheld smartphone electrocardiogram (ECG) monitors could represent a helpful tool connecting the athletic trainer to the cardiologist.


Six college athletes presented to their athletic trainers complaining of palpitations during exercise. A single lead ECG was performed using the AliveCor Heart Monitor and sent wirelessly to the Team Cardiologist who confirmed an absence of dangerous arrhythmia.

Conclusions and relevance

AliveCor monitoring has the potential to enhance evaluation of symptomatic athletes by allowing trainers and team physicians to make diagnosis in real-time and facilitate faster return to play.

Autor / Fonte:David C Peritz, Austin Howard, Mario Ciocca, Eugene H Chung Journal of Electrocardiology 2015 July 10