Sideline Management of Joint Dislocations


Athletes can sustain a large variety of injuries from simple soft tissue sprains to complex fractures and joint dislocations. This article reviews and provides the most recent information for sports medicine professionals on the management of simple and complex joint dislocations, i.e., irreducible and/or associated with a fracture, from the sidelines without the benefit of imaging. For each joint, the relevant anatomy, common mechanisms, sideline assessment, reduction techniques, initial treatment, and potential complications will be discussed, which allow for the safe and prompt return of athletes to the field of play. 


Autor / Fonte:Christian M Schupp, Scott E Rand, Travis W Hanson, Bryan M Lee, Korsh Jafarnia, Yuhang Jia, J Bruce Moseley, John P Seaberg, Gregory M Seelhoefer Current Sports Medicine Reports 2016, 15 (3): 140-53