Sedentary Time in Male and Female Masters and Recreational Athletes Aged 55 and Older

The purpose of this study was to quantify sedentary time among recreational and Masters (competitive) athletes aged 55 and older. A cross-sectional survey including questions on demographics, sport participation, as well as a short form of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire, and the Measure of Older Adult’s Sedentary Time questionnaire was administered (n=203). Male Masters athletes reported more time spent in vigorous intensity physical activity and less TV time than recreational athletes. Among females, being a Masters athlete was associated with being more sedentary than being a recreational athlete, while among males, being a recreational athlete was associated with being more sedentary. The intensity and duration that older Masters and recreational athletes spent in their sport was inversely associated with the amount of sedentary time accumulated. Future research using inclinometers is needed to further elucidate sedentary time in older male and female athletes.

Autor / Fonte:Heather McCracken, Shilpa Dogra Journal of Aging and Physical Activity 2017 May 22, : 1-26