Reaction time and muscle activation patterns in elite and novice athletes performing a taekwondo kick

Fractionated reaction time can be used to determine distinct epochs known as pre-motor, response and movement times (MTs) of a reaction time task. The purpose of this study was to compare elite and novice athletes performing a taekwondo kick in terms of the fractionated reaction time and electromyography (EMG) activation patterns of the muscles of the striking lower limb and the lower back. We hypothesised that the pre-motor time, response time (RT) and MT would be the shorter for elite athletes compared to novices. We collected data on 13 elite and 10 novice athletes when performing a roundhouse kick. The experiment included EMG electrodes placed on five low back and lower extremity muscles and an electrogoniometer placed on the kicking knee. We found that pre-motor time was shorter and the RT was longer for elite athletes than novice athletes. Moreover, the integrated EMG of the main knee extensor does not differ between groups though other leg and trunk muscles do. The results allow coaches and teachers to understand this particular taekwondo kicking movement which could ultimately improve the technique in order to establish training and teaching goals.

Autor / Fonte:Ulysses Fernandes Ervilha, Fernando de Moraes Fernandes, Camila Carvalho de Souza, Joseph Hamill Sports Biomechanics 2018 October 2, : 1-13