Presumed Testicular Rupture During a College Baseball Game A Case Report and Review of the Literature for On-Field Recognition and Management


Scrotal rupture during athletic competition is considered a rare occurrence; however, blunt trauma to the scrotum is relatively common. Protective athletic cups are strongly recommended for both children and adults engaging in contact sports as they likely limit the amount of serious injury to the scrotal contents. Nonetheless, should the on-field assessment by the athletic trainer, coach, or team physician indicate that the athlete has increased pain, ecchymosis, swelling, and tenderness to palpation after blunt trauma, testicular rupture should be suspected and prompt ultrasound and urologic assessment should be undertaken, as early operative intervention is necessary for testicular preservation. This report reviews testicular trauma during athletic competition.


Autor / Fonte:Michael T Freehill, Ilya Gorbachinsky, John D Lavender, Ronald L Davis, Sandeep Mannava Sports Health 2015, 7 (2): 177-80