Physical Activity and Adiposity Among the Older Adults of the EVIDENT Study

This study determined the relationship between self-reported and objective measurements of physical activity with adiposity markers in a randomly sample of community-dwelling older adults. The sample included 439 individuals over 65 years (age 71.1±7.8; 54.2% women). Regular physical activity information was collected using self-reported (questionnaire, 7-day-PAR) and objective measurements (accelerometer ActiGraph GT3X) over 7 days. Anthropometric parameters included body mass index, body fat percentage and waist circumference. The number of patients considered active was 28% according to the results of 7-day-PAR, and 69% according to objective measures of accelerometry. With every daily increase of 10 minutes of sedentary activity, the BMI, body fat percentage and waist circumference values increased by 0.04 units, 0.14% and 0.14 cm respectively. According to the accelerometry data, being active was a protective factor for presenting obesity criteria (OR=0.34, CI95 % 0.19-0.59). Objective but non self-reported physical activity was associated with adiposity markers in older adults. 

Autor / Fonte:José I Recio-Rodríguez, Natalia Sanchez-Aguadero, Emiliano Rodríguez-Sánchez, Vicente Martinez-Vizcaino, Carlos Martin-Cantera, Maria C Patino-Alonso, Jose A Maderuelo-Fernandez, Manuel A Gómez-Marcos, Luis Garcia-Ortiz Journal of Aging and Physical Activ