Perspectives on pre-participation cardiovascular screening in young competitive athletes: U SPORTS

Objectives: To investigate the pre-participation cardiovascular screening (PPS) protocols currently implemented at U SPORTS (the governing body of university sport in Canada) sanctioned schools as well as the attitudes towards PPS as reported by Canadian University medical and athletic personnel.

Methods: A 15-question survey was sent to the U SPORTS athletic directors in both French and English. The survey focused on the current practices of PPS within the respondents’ universities as well as attitudes regarding PPS. Athletic directors distributed the instructions to participate in the voluntary survey at their own discretion to coaches, athletic therapists, physicians, and associated personnel working within U SPORTS sanctioned schools.

Results: Twenty-three athletic therapists, 12 coaches, six physicians, and five associated personnel completed the survey (46 total). Half of the respondents (52%) reported that some form of PPS was conducted at their institution. Eighty percent of respondents agreed with the implementation of mandatory PPS, and 60% reported that they believe their athletes have a neutral attitude towards PPS. Three respondents documented having witnessed an athlete’s sudden cardiac arrest/death.

Conclusion: Members of the athletic care teams at U SPORTS sanctioned schools display an overall positive attitude towards the implementation of mandatory PPS. Based on concerns raised by survey respondents, PPS procedures would need to be developed in a time- and cost-effective manner if PPS were to be expanded.


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Autor / Fonte:Carlee Cater, Mackenzie MacDonald, Daniel Lithwick, Kamal Sidhu, Saul Isserow, James McKinney Physician and Sportsmedicine 2018 August 27