P260Right cardiac chambers remodeling in marathon and ultra-trail athletes detected by speckle-tracking echocardiography

Background: Strenuous and chronic exercise training can have detrimental effects on cardiac morphology and function. Our aim was to evaluate the cardiac adaptation between 2 different specialties’ endurance athletes: marathon runners (M) and ultra-trailers (UT).

Methods: 47 M (age 45±7, men 32; training: 18 (9-53) years*days/week), 41 UT (age 42±9, men 38, training: 30 (15-66) years*days/week) were submitted in rest condition to conventional 2D echocardiography and Speckle-Tracking echo (STE) (Beyond Diogenes 2.0, AMID) during agonistic season and compared with 15 age matched sedentary individuals (S) (age 43±6, men 10).

Results: Left ventricle (LV) global longitudinal strain (GLS) and global radial strain (GRS) were increased in M and UT compared to S (see table) without differences in LV anatomy and function. Right ventricle (RV) end-diastolic area (p=0.026), fractional area changing (p=0.008) and RV GLS were increased in UT compared to M. Moreover UT showed larger right atrium (RA) volume compared to M (p=0.03) and S (p=0.003). RA GLS was reduced in UT compared to M while the RA Global Circumferential Strain was significantly increased in UT. After adjusted for age, sex and HR as covariates, UT showed a reduced RA GLS (OR 0.907; CI 0.856-0.961) and increased RV FAC (OR 1.172; CI: 1.044-1.317) compared to M; while when compared to S subjects, UT showed increased RA volume (OR 1.048; CI 1.002-1.096) and RV GLS (OR 0.667; CI 0.490-0.907).

Conclusion: UT showed higher RV and RA morphological and functional remodeling in comparison with M. 2D-STE is a useful tool to investigate the deformation dynamic in different sport specialties. Further studies will be necessary to clarify the long-term consequences for cardiac health due to myocardial perturbations.


LV GLS  -28.59±3.43*  -27.64±4.18*  -24.82±4.53  <0.05 
LV GRS  69.85±8.94*  66.59±11.19*  56.27±16.25  <0.001 
RV GLS  -25.60±10.54  -30.41±4.38*  -27.10±4.64  <0.05 
RA GLS  37.15±13.49  31.65±9.60*  35.37±9.99  <0.05 
RA GCS  17.46±6.42  22.28±8.97*  23.37±6.47  <0.01 


Autor / Fonte:K Ujka, R M Bruno, B Catuzzo, L Bastiani, A Tonacci, G D´angelo, S Mrakic-Sposta, A Vezzoli, G Giardini, L Pratali European Heart Journal Cardiovascular Imaging 2016 December 1, 17 (suppl_2): ii45-ii48
Link: https://academic.oup.com/ehjcimaging/article-abstract/17/suppl_2/ii45/2963188/P260Right-cardiac-chambers-remodeling-in-marathon?redirectedFrom=fulltext