Observed Dietary Practices of Recreational Ultra Endurance Cyclists in the Heat.


Dietary approaches for optimizing exercise performance have been debated in the literature for years. For endurance athletes, various position stands focus on recommendations for high-carbohydrate diets to maximize performance in events. However, theories of low-carbohydrate diets and their ability to provide more fuel may prove beneficial to ultra-endurance athletes. Therefore, the purpose of this research was to observe the food and fluid consumption of successful recreational ultra endurance cyclists on the day before (ED-1), Event Day, and the day after (ED+1), a 162 km endurance event in a hot environment, and subsequently compare dietary intakes to recommendations and other observed dietary practices. Twenty men (age, 48 +/- 8 y; mass, 85.1 +/- 13.4 kg; height, 178.2 +/- 7.4 cm) recorded all dietary items during ED-1, Event Day, and ED+1. Diet composition and the relationships between carbohydrate and caloric intake with finish time were examined. Results show athletes consumed a high carbohydrate diet on ED-1 (384 g/day), Event Day (657 g/day), and ED+1 (329 g/day). However, there were no significant associations between carbohydrate (p>0.05), or caloric intake (p>0.05) and finish time. This study results great variation in diets of recreational endurance cyclists, although most consume within nationally recognized dietary recommendation ranges. Since there is great variation and lack of correlation with performance, these findings suggest current high-carbohydrate dietary recommendations for general endurance athletes may not be sport specific or individualized enough to recreational ultra-endurance cyclists, and that individualized dietary macronutrient composition manipulations may improve performance outcomes.

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Autor / Fonte:Laura J Kunces, Evan C Johnson, Colleen X Munoz, Jay R Hydren, Robert A Huggins, Daniel A Judelson, Mathew S Ganio, Jakob L Vingren, Jeff S Volek, Lawrence E Armstrong Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 2015 October 17
Link: http://journals.lww.com/nsca-jscr/Abstract/publishahead/Observed_Dietary_Practices_of_Recreational_Ultra.96693.aspx