MRI to investigate iliac artery wall thickness in triathletes

Objectives: Endofibrosis was first described in endurance athletes. This rare disease is characterized by intimal hyperplasia of iliac arteries. Due to non-specific symptoms diagnosing could be very challenging and delayed. This represents a serious problem not only for affected athletes but also for consulting physicians. The aim of this study was to analyze intimal thickness of iliac arteries using non-contrast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in competitive triathletes suffering from exercise induced leg pain consistent with symptoms caused by endofibrosis.

Methods: 18 highly trained triathletes (16 triathletes, 12 male) with a mean age of 45.4 ± 10.2 years were investigated by non-contrast MRI. We divided subjects into two groups: 10 complaint about exercise- induced leg pain and 7 were free of any symptoms. In all 10 symptomatic athletes consulting physicians excluded musculoskeletal or neurological disorders before and we suspected endofibrosis. One patient was excluded from statistical analysis due to a known recurrent external iliac artery (EIA) occlusion after surgical repair 6 month ago.

Results: Mean wall thickness (T) of all 17 subjects was 1.34 ± 0.11mm for the common iliac artery (CIA) and 1.74 ± 0.18mm for the EIA. We found no significant differences by comparing T of symptomatic (s) and asymptomatic (a) legs. Furthermore, there were no significant differences in T between right (r) and left (l) legs. Finally, we did not find significant differences in T between male (m) and female (f) subjects. MRI shows a thickening of the left EIA (4.41mm) in the patient who suffered from recurrent occlusion of the left EIA and after surgical repair and histological examination confirmed an endofibrotic lesion.

Conclusion: Non-contrast MRI seems to be an appropriate diagnostic tool to exclude endofibrosis in triathletes, but it cannot be recommended as initial screening modality for athletes suffering from exercise-induced leg pain.


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Autor / Fonte:Susanne Regus, Veronika Almási-Sperling, Rolf Janka, Ulrich Rother, Michael Lell, Alexander Meyer, Werner Lang Physician and Sportsmedicine 2018 March 9