Medical Problems of Performing Artists: Volume 31, Number 3 September 2016


Medical Problems of Performing Artists - Volume 31 Issue 3
Volume 31, Number 3
September 2016

Table of Contents:
125 Effects of Physical Symptoms on Muscle Activity Levels in Skilled Violinists J. Matt McCrary, Mark Halaki, Bronwen J. Ackermann
132 Motor Imagery Practice for Enhancing Eleve Performance Among Professional Dancers: A Pilot Study Amit Abraham, Ayelet Dunsky, Ruth Dickstein
140 Visual Complaints and Eye Problems in Orchestral Musicians Henny J.M. Beckers, Marina A.W. van Kooten-Noordzij, Ronald M.P.C. de Crom, Jan S.A.G. Schouten, Carroll A.B. Webers
145 Assessment of Maximum Aerobic Capacity and Anaerobic Threshold of Elite Ballet Dancers Matthew A. Wyon, Nick Allen, Ross Cloak, Sarah Beck, Paul Davies, Frances Clarke
151 Playing-Related Health Problems Among Instrumental Music Students at a University in Malaysia Karen Lonsdale, Ong Kuan Boon
160 Differentials in Turnout Among Professional Classical Ballet Dancers Isobel Washington, Susan Mayes, Charlotte Ganderton, Tania Pizzari
166 Trust, Satisfaction, and Confidence in Health Care Providers Among Student and Professional Dancers in France Stephanie Alimena, Mary E. Air
174 Postural Stability Assessment of University Marching Musicians Using Force Platform Measures Trevor D. Magnotti, Danielle McElhiney, Jeffrey A. Russell
179 Contribution of Glottic Insufficiency to Perceived Breathiness in Classically Trained Singers Ellen Graham, Vrushali Angadi, Joanna Sloggy, Joseph Stemple
185 In the September Issue [Editorial] Donna Krasnow View this article for Free!

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