Medical Learning from the Special Olympics World Games 2015


The Special Olympics World Games (SOWG) were held in Los Angeles, CA, during the summer of 2015. Medical care for 26 sporting events spread over six major venues across the city was provided to more than 6,000 athletes and 3,000 delegates from 170 countries. Education on care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and athletes with additional medical issues was provided in addition to the usual sports medicine care. This required coordination between major medical providers as well as law enforcement, fire rescue, transportation, public health, and the organizers of the games. This article reviews the planning, training, and outcomes of the medical care and the Healthy Athletes program for the SOWG 2015.

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Autor / Fonte:Aaron L Rubin, Thad Woodward, Levi Harrison, Lauren Simon, Janet Rodriquez Current Sports Medicine Reports 2016, 15 (3): 134-9