International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance IJSPP Volume 10, Issue 2, March


When Failure Is Not an Option: Creating Excellence in Sport Through Insights From Special Forces

When Failure Is Not an Option: Creating Excellence in Sport Through Insights From Special Forces 

2015, 10, 137 – 138 
Shona L. HalsonJeffery G. Nichols

Original Investigations

The Effect of Rate of Weight Reduction on Serum Myostatin and Follistatin Concentrations in Competitive Wrestlers 

2015, 10, 139 – 146 
Mohamad S. MotevalliVincent J. DalboReza S. AttarzadehAmir Rashidlamir,Patrick S. TuckerAaron T. Scanlan

Drafting's Improvement of 3000-m Running Performance in Elite Athletes: Is It a Placebo Effect? 

2015, 10, 147 – 152 
Hassane ZouhalAbderraouf Ben AbderrahmanJacques PriouxBeat Knechtle,Lotfi BouguerraWiem KebsiTimothy D. Noakes

Anaerobic Work Calculated in Cycling Time Trials of Different Length 

2015, 10, 153 – 159 
Roy C.M. MulderDionne A. NoordhofKatherine R. MaltererCarl FosterJos J. de Koning

Determinants of Performance in a New Test of Planned Agility for Young Elite Basketball Players 

2015, 10, 160 – 165 
Anne DelextratBernard GrosgeorgeFrancois Bieuzen

Improvement of 10-km Time-Trial Cycling With Motivational Self-Talk Compared With Neutral Self-Talk 

2015, 10, 166 – 171 
Martin J. BarwoodJo CorbettChristopher R.D. WagstaffDan McVeighRichard C. Thelwell

The Self-Paced VO2max Test to Assess Maximal Oxygen Uptake in Highly Trained Runners 

2015, 10, 172 – 177 
James S. HoggJames G. HopkerAlexis R. Mauger

Comparison of Physical Capacities Between Nonselected and Selected Elite Male Competitive Surfers for the National Junior Team 

2015, 10, 178 – 182 
Tai T. TranLina LundgrenJosh L. SecombOliver R.L. FarleyG. Gregory Haff,Laurent B. SeitzRobert U. NewtonSophia NimphiusJeremy M. Sheppard

Characteristics Explaining Performance in Downhill Mountain Biking 

2015, 10, 183 – 190 
Joel B. ChidleyAlexandra L. MacGregorCaoimhe MartinCalum A. ArthurJamie H. Macdonald

Are Rest Intervals Between Stretching Repetitions Effective to Acutely Increase Range of Motion? 

2015, 10, 191 – 197 
Sandro R. FreitasJoão R. VazPaula M. BrunoMaria João ValamatosRicardo J. AndradePedro Mil-Homens

The Performance Effect of Centralizing a Nation’s Elite Swim Program 

2015, 10, 198 – 203 
Sian V. AllenTom J. VandenbogaerdeWill G. Hopkins

Isolated Core Training Improves Sprint Performance in National-Level Junior Swimmers 

2015, 10, 204 – 210 
Matthew WestonAngela E. HibbsKevin G. ThompsonIain R. Spears

Effects of Protocol Step Length on Biomechanical Measures in Swimming 

2015, 10, 211 – 218 
Tiago M. BarbosaKarla de JesusJ. Arturo AbraldesJoão RibeiroPedro FigueiredoJoão Paulo Vilas-BoasRicardo J. Fernandes

Comparison of Between-Training-Sessions Recovery Strategies for World-Class BMX Pilots 

2015, 10, 219 – 223 
Laurie-Anne MarquetChristophe HausswirthArnaud HaysFabrice Vettoretti,Jeanick Brisswalter

Anthropometric and Physiological Profiling of Youth Soccer Goalkeepers 

2015, 10, 224 – 231 
Ricardo Rebelo-GonçalvesManuel J. Coelho-e-SilvaVítor SeverinoAntonio TessitoreAntónio J. Figueiredo

Assessment and Monitoring of Ballistic and Maximal Upper-Body Strength Qualities in Athletes 

2015, 10, 232 – 237 
Kieran P. YoungG. Gregory HaffRobert U. NewtonTim J. GabbettJeremy M. Sheppard

Effects of the Etna Uphill Ultramarathon on Energy Cost and Mechanics of Running 

2015, 10, 238 – 247 
Stefano LazzerDesy SalvadegoPaolo TabogaEnrico RejcNicola Giovanelli,Pietro E. di Prampero

Effects of a Very Congested Match Schedule on Body-Load Impacts, Accelerations, and Running Measures in Youth Soccer Players 

2015, 10, 248 – 252 
Ademir F.S. ArrudaChristopher CarlingVinicius ZanettiMarcelo S. AokiAaron J. CouttsAlexandre Moreira

The Relationship of Training Load to Physical-Capacity Changes During International Tours in High-Performance Junior Tennis Players 

2015, 10, 253 – 260 
Alistair P. MurphyRob DuffieldAaron D. KellettMachar Reid

Cluster Stability as a New Method to Assess Changes in Performance and Its Determinant Factors Over a Season in Young Swimmers 

2015, 10, 261 – 268 
Jorge E. MoraisAntónio J. SilvaDaniel A. MarinhoLudovic SeifertTiago M. Barbosa

Invited Commentary

9.58 and 10.49: Nearing the Citius End for 100 m? 

2015, 10, 269 – 272 
Thomas A. HaugenEspen TønnessenStephen Seiler

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