Head Impact Biomechanics in Women´s College Soccer.


INTRODUCTION: There are limited non-laboratory soccer head impact biomechanics data. This is surprising given soccer's global popularity. Epidemiological data suggest female college soccer players are at a greater concussion injury risk than their male counterparts. Therefore, the purpose of our study was to quantify head impact frequency and magnitude during NCAA women's soccer practices and games, and to characterize these data across event type, playing position, year on the team, and segment of game (first and second halves).

METHODS: Head impact biomechanics were collected from female college soccer players (n=22; age=19.1+/-0.1 years; height=168.0+/-3.5 cm; mass=63.7+/-6.0 kg). We employed a helmetless head impact measurement device (X2 Biosystems xPatch) prior to each competition and practice across a single season. Peak linear and rotational accelerations were categorized based on impact magnitude, and subsequently analyzed using appropriate non-parametric analyses.

RESULTS: Overall, women's college soccer players experience ~7 impacts per 90 minutes of game play. The overwhelming majority (~90%) of all head impacts were categorized into our mildest linear acceleration impact classification (10-20 g). Interestingly, a higher percentage of practice impacts in the 20-40 g range compared to games (11% versus 7%) was observed.

CONCLUSION: Head impact biomechanics studies have provided valuable insights into understanding collision sports, and for informing evidence-based rule and policy changes. These have included changing the football kickoff, ice hockey body checking ages, and head-to-head hits in both sports. Given soccer's global popularity, and the growing public concern for the potential long-term neurological implications of collision and contact sports, studying soccer has the potential to impact many athletes and the sports medicine professionals caring for them.

(C) 2016 American College of Sports Medicine 

Autor / Fonte:Robert C Lynall, Michael D Clark, Erin E Grand, Jaclyn C Stucker, Ashley C Littleton, Alain J Aguilar, Meredith A Petschauer, Elizabeth F Teel, Jason P Mihalik Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 2016 May 14
Link: http://journals.lww.com/acsm-msse/Abstract/publishahead/Head_Impact_Biomechanics_in_Women_s_College.97509.aspx