Approach to the Underperforming Athlete

Children and adolescents who participate in intense sports training may face physical and psychologic stresses. The pediatric health care provider can play an important role in monitoring an athlete´s preparation by obtaining a proper sports history, assessing sleep hygiene, discussing nutrition and hydration guidelines, and evaluating physiologic causes of fatigue. Educating parents and athletes on the potential risks of high-intensity training, inadequate rest and sleep, and a poor diet may improve the athlete´s performance and prevent symptoms of overtraining syndrome. Infectious mononucleosis must also be considered a cause of fatigue among adolescents. The signs and symptoms of overtraining and burnout are discussed in this article. [Pediatr Ann. 2016;45(3):e91–e96.] 

Autor / Fonte:Mary L. Solomon, DO; Amanda K. Weiss Kelly, MD Pediatric Annals March 2016 - Volume 45 · Issue 3: e91-e96