Adolescent Medicine: State of the Art Reviews (AM:STARs) - Sports Medicine and Sports Injuries

This issue provides the adolescent physician with comprehensive, practical and up-to-date information regarding diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic sports injuries, sports concussion, the pre-participation physical evaluation (PPE), mental health concerns, the female athlete, bone health, nutrition, travel, performance enhancing substances, injury rehabilitation, the role of the team physician and injury prevention in youth sports. 


Contents in Sports Medicine and Sports Injuries include



  • Being a Team Doctor
  • Preparticipation Physical Evaluation
  • Concussion in Teenage Athletes
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries Not to Miss in Teens
  • Overuse and Overtraining Injuries in Teenage Athletes
  • Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Injuries in Young Athletes
  • The Female Athlete Triad: Energy Deficiency, Physiologic Consequences, and Treatment
  • The Adolescent Dancer: Common Medical Concerns and Relevant Anticipatory Guidance
  • Mental Health and Pressures in Teen Sports
  • Performance-Enhancing Substances
  • Extreme Sports and the Adolescent Athlete


Autor / Fonte:Publisher: American Academy of Pediatrics