Wrist arthroplasty. Bone fixation, clinical development and mid to long term results.



The radiocarpal and midcarpal motion comprises flexion (volar flexion), extension (dorsal flexion), radial- and ulnar deviation, and slight rotation (Palmer et al. 1985). The dorso-volar movement primarily occurs in the radiocarpal joint during which the scaphoid flexes/extends and rotates, while the lunate mainly flexes/extends. The remaining flexion and extension occurs in the midcarpal joint. Radio-ulnar deviation is mainly accomplished by a minor radiocarpal translation and angulation (with flexion of the scaphoid/extension of the capitate in RD and the opposite in UD) and a larger midcarpal angulation mainly by the capitate, making the midcarpal joint the major contributor to this particular motion (Craigen and Stanley 1995Kaufmann et al. 2005). The mechanical center of rotation of the wrist ....

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Autor / Fonte:Ole Reigstad . Acta Orthopaedica Apr 2014, Vol. 85, No. S354: 1–53.
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