Sports participation and physical activity in adult Dutch and Swedish patients with severe haemophilia: A comparison between intermediate? and high?dose prophylaxis



Differences in treatment and outcome have been reported for persons with haemophilia (PWH) on intermediate‐dose (Dutch) and high‐dose (Swedish) prophylaxis, but the potential influence of sports participation has not been considered.


To compare sports participation and clinical outcome between adult Dutch and Swedish PWH.


Self‐reported sports participation (type and frequency per week), physical functioning (SF‐36PF: 100‐0), joint status (HJHS: 0‐144), perceived limitations (HALsum: 100‐0) and physical activity (IPAQ) were recorded. Sports were classified according to National Haemophilia Foundation classification (5 categories, highest two were classified as high‐risk sports). Sports participation and clinical outcome were compared according to country and age (18‐22, 23‐29, 30‐40 years) using non‐parametric tests and Spearman correlations (rho).


Seventy‐one adult PWH (NL: 43, SWE: 28) completed sports questionnaires (mean age: 26 years). All participants engaged in sports, including 59.2% in high‐risk sports (33.9% twice weekly). Dutch PWH showed a significant age‐related decline in (high‐risk) sports participation (7x/wk in PWH 18‐22 years to 2x/wk in PWH 30‐40 years, P < 0.05), joint health (HJHS: median 2‐15.5, P < 0.01) and physical functioning (SF‐36PF: median 100 to 77.5, P < 0.01), while Swedish did not. Sports participation was not associated with bleeding (Spearman's rho = −0.119).


All participants reported sports participation, including 59.2% in high‐risk sports. Dutch PWH treated with intermediate‐dose prophylaxis showed an age‐related decline in sports participation, joint status and physical functioning, whereas Swedish PWH on high‐dose prophylaxis did not. Sports participation was not associated with bleeding. 

Autor / Fonte:Olav Versloot, Erik Berntorp, Pia Petrini, Rolf Ljung, Jan Astermark, Margareta Holmström, Piet de Kleijn, Kathelijn Fischer Haemophilia: the Official Journal of the World Federation of Hemophilia 2019 January 28