Sport and diplomacy: an introduction

This volume of Sport in Society focuses on the interrelationships between international sport and diplomacy. Its genesis came from the establishment in 2011 of the Diplomacy and International Sport research group by directors Stuart Murray (Bond University), Geoffrey Allen Pigman (University of Pretoria) and J. Simon Rofe (SOAS, University of London). Already scholars of diplomacy and interested in the phenomenon of international sport, we each discovered independently that there was a significant lacuna in the literature linking diplomatic studies to international sport. Our endeavours aim to craft a greater understanding of how the two subjects are interrelated, in the first instance to contribute to scholarship in the two fields, but not least in the second because both sport and diplomacy have the capacity to influence the lives of millions of people across the planet.

Autor / Fonte:Geoffrey Allen Pigman & J. Simon Rofe. Sport in Society Cultures, Commerce, Media, Politics. Volume 17, Issue 9, 2014 1095-1097