Management of osteitis pubis in athletes: rehabilitation and return to training – a review of the most recent literature


Osteitis pubis is a common cause of chronic groin pain, especially in athletes. Although a precise etiology is not defined, it seems to be related to muscular imbalance and pelvic instability. Diagnosis is based on detailed history, clinical evaluation, and imaging, which are crucial for a correct diagnosis and proper management. Many different therapeutic approaches have been proposed for osteitis pubis; conservative treatment represents the first-line approach and provides good results in most patients, especially if based on an individualized multimodal rehabilitative management. Different surgical options have been also described, but they should be reserved to recalcitrant cases. In this review, a critical analysis of the literature about athletic osteitis pubis is performed, especially focusing on its diagnostic and therapeutic management.

Keywords: osteitis pubis, pubalgia, groin pain, rehabilitation, review 

Autor / Fonte:Alessio Giai Via, Antonio Frizziero, Paolo Finotti, Francesco Oliva, Filippo Randelli, Nicola Maffulli Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine 2019, 10: 1-10