Late Stage Freiberg Infraction in a Division I Collegiate Tennis Player



Freiberg infraction is a relatively rare osteochondrosis of the metatarsal head. The etiology of Freiberg infraction is poorly understood but likely involves factors such as, repetitive trauma and vascular compromise. When discovered early, Freiberg infraction can be cured with conservative measures but late presentations require surgical intervention. We present a case of stage V Freiberg infraction in a Division I collegiate tennis player that responded to conservative treatment.

Case Report:

A 20 year old female tennis player presented with worsening of her chronic foot pain. She had tenderness to palpation and diminished range of motion at the second metatarsophalangeal joint. Radiographs revealed late stage Freiberg infraction of the second metatarsal. This patient’s pain was successfully treated with conservative measures; prolonging her collegiate tennis career.


Surgical intervention is required for definitive treatment of late stage Freiberg infraction. Conservative treatment can be effective in prolonging the athlete’s career.

Keywords: Osteochondrosis, Freiberg infraction, Metatarsal, Foot pain 

Autor / Fonte:Johnnie Faircloth, Jennifer J Mitchell, David S Edwards Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports 2015, 5 (3): 12-4