Heat Illness in Football: Current Concepts


Despite growing health and safety concerns, American football remains a vastly popular sport in the United States. Unfortunately, even with increased efforts in promoting education and hydration, the incidence of death from exertional heat stroke continues to rise. General risk factors such as hydration status, obesity, fitness level, and football-specific risk factors such as timing of training camp and equipment all contribute to the development of heat illness. At the professional level, changes have been made to effectively reduce mortality from heat stroke with no deaths since August 2001. However, there have been at least 33 total deaths at the high school and collegiate levels since this time. More efforts need to be focused at these levels to mandate exertional heat illness prevention guidelines in order to reverse this trend of mortality in our younger athletes.


Autor / Fonte:Austin R Krohn, Robby Sikka, David E Olson Current Sports Medicine Reports 2015, 14 (6): 463-71
Link: http://journals.lww.com/acsm-csmr/Fulltext/2015/11000/Heat_Illness_in_Football___Current_Concepts.14.aspx