Groin pain syndrome: an association of different pathologies and a case presentation



groin pain affects all types of athletes, especially soccer players. Many diseases with different etiologies may cause groin pain.


offer a mini review of groin pain in soccer accompanied by the presentation of a case report highlighting the possible association of more clinical frameworks into the onset of groin pain syndrome, in order to recommend that clinical evaluations take into account possible associations between bone, muscle and tendon such as inguinal canal disease.


the multifactorial etiology of groin pain syndrome needs to be examined with a comprehensive approach, with standardized clinical evaluation based on an imaging protocol in order to evaluate all possible diseases.

Study design

Mini review- Case report (Level V).

Keywords: groin pain syndrome, sport hernia, osteitis pubis, adductor tendinopathy

Autor / Fonte:Gian Nicola Bisciotti, Alessio Auci, Francesco Di Marzo, Roberto Galli, Luca Pulici, Giulia Carimati, Alessandro Quaglia, Piero Volpi Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons Journal 2015, 5 (3): 214-222