Extreme Physiology & Medicine: 2014

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Are we being drowned in hydration advice? Thirsty for more?


James Cotter, Simon N Thornton, Jason KW Lee, Paul B LaursenExtreme Physiology & Medicine 2014, 3:18 (29 October 2014)

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Acute nutritional ketosis: implications for exercise performance and metabolism


Pete J Cox, Kieran ClarkeExtreme Physiology & Medicine 2014, 3:17 (29 October 2014)

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Fluid therapy in critical illness


Mark R Edwards, Michael G MythenExtreme Physiology & Medicine 2014, 3:16 (29 September 2014)

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The impact of submaximal exercise during heat and/or hypoxia on the cardiovascular and monocyte HSP72 responses to subsequent (post 24 h) exercise in hypoxia


Ben J Lee, Emma L Emery-Sinclair, Richard WA Mackenzie, Afthab Hussain, Lee Taylor, Rob S James, C ThakeExtreme Physiology & Medicine 2014, 3:15 (29 September 2014)

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Excessive occupational heat exposure: a significant ergonomic challenge and health risk for current and future workers


Rebekah A I Lucas, Yoram Epstein, Tord KjellstromExtreme Physiology & Medicine 2014, 3:14 (23 July 2014)

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Career perspective: Jerome A. Dempsey


Jerome A DempseyExtreme Physiology & Medicine 2014, 3:13 (7 July 2014)

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Moving in extreme environments: open water swimming in cold and warm water


Michael Tipton, Carl BradfordExtreme Physiology & Medicine 2014, 3:12 (11 June 2014)

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Moving in extreme environments: what’s extreme and who decides?


James Cotter, Michael J TiptonExtreme Physiology & Medicine 2014, 3:11 (11 June 2014)

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Mitochondria at the extremes: pioneers, protectorates, protagonists


Andrew J MurrayExtreme Physiology & Medicine 2014, 3:10 (12 May 2014)

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The +Gz recovery of consciousness curve


Typ Whinnery, Estrella M Forster, Paul B RogersExtreme Physiology & Medicine 2014, 3:9 (2 May 2014)

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Cycling performance decrement is greater in hypobaric versus normobaric hypoxia


Beth A Beidleman, Charles S Fulco, Janet E Staab, Sean P Andrew, Stephen R MuzaExtreme Physiology & Medicine 2014, 3:8 (28 April 2014)

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Frostbite: a practical approach to hospital management


Charles Handford, Pauline Buxton, Katie Russell, Caitlin EA Imray, Scott E McIntosh, Luanne Freer, Amalia Cochran, Christopher HE ImrayExtreme Physiology & Medicine 2014, 3:7 (22 April 2014)

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High altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) in a Himalayan trekker: a case report


Promish Shrestha, Matiram Pun, Buddha BasnyatExtreme Physiology & Medicine 2014, 3:6 (17 March 2014)

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Physiology and applied sciences in Nepal: 1st annual conference


Ghan Thapa, Narayan Mahotra, Matiram PunExtreme Physiology & Medicine 2014, 3:5 (1 March 2014)

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Anaemia secondary to critical illness: an unexplained phenomenon


Ronan Astin, Zudin PuthuchearyExtreme Physiology & Medicine 2014, 3:4 (7 February 2014)

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A cross-sectional study of differences in 6-min walk distance in healthy adults residing at high altitude versus sea level


Deirdre Caffrey, J Miranda, Robert H Gilman, Victor G Davila-Roman, Lilia Cabrera, Russell Dowling, Talia Stewart, Antonio Bernabe-Ortiz, Robert Wise, Fabiola Leon-Velarde, William Checkley, CRONICAS Cohort Study GroupExtreme Physiology & Medicine 2014, 3:3 (1 February 2014)

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Analysis of swimming performance in FINA World Cup long-distance open water races


Matthias Zingg, Christoph Rüst, Thomas Rosemann, Romuald Lepers, Beat KnechtleExtreme Physiology & Medicine 2014, 3:2 (2 January 2014)

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Age, sex and (the) race: gender and geriatrics in the ultra-endurance age


Greg WhyteExtreme Physiology & Medicine 2014, 3:1 (1 January 2014)

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