Dental trauma and mouthguard awareness and use among contact and noncontact athletes in central India

We investigated the associations of mouthguard awareness and use with the rate and type of orofacial trauma during sports activities among professional athletes. In this cross-sectional study of athletes aged 12 to 22 years who trained for participation in national and international competitions, data were collected by using a questionnaire and a clinical examination that included an index of dental injury. There were significant differences in mouthguard awareness and use and injury rates, i.e., athletes who did not wear mouthguards had more injuries. Traumatic injuries to teeth were significantly more frequent among contact athletes (15; 9%) than among noncontact athletes (4; 2.5%). Limited mouthguard awareness could be due to lack of information and education on dental injuries and their prevention. (J Oral Sci 56, 239-243, 2014)

Autor / Fonte:Vidhatri Tiwari, Vrinda Saxena, Utkarsh Tiwari, Aishwarya Singh, Manish Jain, Siddana Goud Journal of Oral Science 2014, 56 (4): 239-43