Corticosteroid Injections: A Review of Sex-Related Side Effects


Corticosteroid injections are used as a nonoperative modality to combat acute inflammation when conservative treatments fail. As female patients are regularly seen by orthopedic physicians, it is essential to identify and understand potential sex-related side effects. The aim of this article is to examine available literature for sex-related side effects of orthopedic-related corticosteroid injections. Although the incidence is low, sex-related side effects, such as abnormal menstruation, lactation disturbances, facial flushing, and hirsutism, are associated with corticosteroid injections. Physicians should be aware of these female-specific side effects and relay this information as part of the informed consent process. [Orthopedics. 201x; xx(x):xx–xx.] 


Autor / Fonte:Emily M. Brook, BA; Caroline H. Hu, BA; Kiera A. Kingston, BS; Elizabeth G. Matzkin, MD Orthopedics Posted November 23, 2016 DOI: 10.3928/01477447-20161116-07