Common sports-related infections: A review on clinical pictures, management and time to return to sports



There is a relationship between exercise and changes in immunity. So athletes are prone to different medical problems such as injuries and infections. Infection is a main medical problem which could be a reason for athletes´ training abstinence. The relationship between physical activity and immune system, characteristics of different types of infections in athletes with emphasis on special clinical presentations or complications, time to return to physical activity and training and strategies to prevent development and transmission of infections in athletes or physically active people are the main topics of this review.


Sports Medicine; Infectious Diseases; Respiratory Tract Infections; Blood Borne Pathogens; Viral Hepatitis; Skin Infections; Immunity 


Autor / Fonte:Zahra Ahmadinejad, Neda Alijani, Sedigeh Mansori, Vahid Ziaee. Asian Journal of Sports Medicine 2014. 0(0):1-9.