Adolescent Shin Pain


Shin pain is a common complaint in adolescent athletes. The term “shin splints” has historically been applied to these patients. Shin splints, more often than not, refers to a stress reaction of the tibia from overuse. Overuse injuries occur when repetitive microtrauma to the bone exceeds the biologic healing potential. Diagnosis is based on typical history and physical examination findings. Plain radiographs and advanced imaging are rarely necessary but can provide valuable prognostic information. Treatment consists of adequate rest and exercise modification. Time to return to sport depends on injury location and severity. Stress fractures have long-term implications on bone health, so modifiable risk factors should be addressed. It is important for primary care physicians to understand the significance of these injuries. [Pediatr Ann. 2017;46(1):e29–e32.] 

Autor / Fonte:Jeremy Korsh, Douglas Matijakovich, Charles Gatt Pediatric Annals 2017 January 1, 46 (1): e29-e32