A follow-up study on the physique, body composition, physical fitness, and isokinetic strength of female collegiate Taekwondo athletes



The purpose of the study was to analyze changes in physique, body composition, physical fitness, and isokinetic strength in female collegiate taekwondo athletes. The study included 14 subjects, of whom 8 were followed up throughout the study. Anthropometric characteristics included body weight, height, sitting height, circumferences, and bone width. Physical fitness parameters included flexibility, agility, muscle strength, muscular endurance, power, speed, and cardiorespiratory endurance. Peak torque, mean power, and H/Q ratio were analyzed by using Cybex 770. All data were analyzed by using the SAS statistical program. Paired t test was performed, with 0.05 as the significance level. The results indicated significant changes in body weight, and upper arm and flexed upper arm circumferences during the experimental period. Test scores for plate tapping, and sit and reach significantly increased, but that for power decreased. In addition, the peak power of right flexion at 180°/sec was significantly increased, as well as the mean power of right and left flexion, and the H/Q ratio at 180°/sec.


Autor / Fonte:Hyun-Bae Kim, Hyun-Chul Jung, Jong-Kook Song, Joo-Hee Chai, Eun-Jae Lee Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation 2015, 11 (1): 57-64
Link: http://www.e-jer.org/upload/jer-11-1-57.pdf